Blended mobility in Denmark

In May 2023, a blended mobility took place in Hurup Thy, Denmark. The mobility focused on shaping a new online course for young people who dream of starting their own business.

This mobility gave young people a chance to test an innovative online course and suggest ways to make it better. The work agenda was intense, with lots of activities designed to explore every topic the online course had to offer.

First Phase: Online Learning

The blended mobility started with an online part, which ran for six weeks. Each partner group involved five young people. These folks had the responsibility of going through the online course and providing feedback.

After this, partners looked at the feedback and made changes to the online course. This phase was key to making sure the course would hit the right notes with young entrepreneurs.

Second Phase: In-Person Learning in Denmark

The next part of the blended mobility was a week-long in-person gathering in Hurup Thy, Denmark, hosted by the Danish Youth Team. The same young people from the online phase got together to take their e-learning knowledge to the next level with hands-on workshops and group activities.

Before coming to Denmark, participants got ready with the help of their sending organizations.

Who Took Part?

Each partner group involved five young people who were keen to start their own business. The blended mobility used both formal and casual ways of learning to keep things interesting.

The trainers kept track of how the online course was doing each day, and put everything together in one document. This was important for making changes to the course based on suggestions.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the blended mobility, participants got a Youthpass certificate. This was a great way to show that they had successfully finished the BM part, and it was a testament to their help in shaping an online course designed for young, ambitious businesspeople.