Dissemination in Spain February 2023

In February 2023, Asociación Projuven organized an informative event to present the EIO project and EIO handbook. The event targeted young people from the local community. During the event, several discussions took place on various EIO-related topics. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the competencies needed for successful entrepreneurship and online marketing in the digital age. They also gained insights into effective visual and graphic design strategies, branding, and marketing techniques that can help build a strong online presence. In addition, the event highlighted successful online business stories from represented countries, including Cyprus, Spain, Italy, and Denmark, which inspired and motivated participants.

The EIO handbook, which was already available in English and all partner languages on the project website, was presented during the event.

The event was a great success, providing participants with valuable insights into entrepreneurship and online marketing in the digital age. Asociación Projuven will continue organizing similar events in the future to continue supporting and inspiring young people who wish to pursue entrepreneurial careers.