Final conference in Italy

On February 17, 2024, Futuro Digitale hosted its final conference in Terranova da Sibari, Italy, as part of the “Entrepreneurship is Online (EIO)” project’s concluding events. This significant gathering drew 40 attendees, showcasing the community’s strong interest and support for digital entrepreneurship education.

The conference was a forum for discussion, learning, and networking, bringing together a diverse group of participants including EIO target groups, digital experts, local policymakers, youth workers, and other stakeholders passionate about the digital future. This event provided an invaluable opportunity for attendees to immerse into the outcomes and achievements of the EIO project, emphasizing the importance of digital skills in today’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Participants engaged in dynamic exchanges over the course of the day, exploring the project’s insights and strategies for enhancing online presence and digital marketing skills among young entrepreneurs. The conference not only celebrated the successes of the EIO project but also fostered dialogue on how to continue advancing digital entrepreneurship education and support for young business minds in the region and beyond.

The event’s success, marked by its high attendance and interactive discussions, highlights the ongoing need for initiatives like EIO that bridge the gap between digital innovation and entrepreneurial education.