Final conference in Spain

On February 23, 2024, PROJUVEN hosted a local conference in Spain to wrap up the “Entrepreneurship is Online (EIO)” project. This special day was all about showing off what the project achieved and sharing it with people from different backgrounds, like education and business.

The event was full of activities, from showing presentations about what the EIO project did, to having workshops where people could talk and share ideas. Everyone got to see the cool tools and resources created by the project, like the EIO Handbook, which helps young entrepreneurs get better at business online, and the e-learning program, which offers courses on how to start and run a business in the digital world.

There was also a toolkit and a set of methods shown that help teachers and mentors guide young people more effectively in becoming entrepreneurs. The day was not just about looking back at what was done but also thinking ahead about how to keep using these resources to help more young people in the future.

Everyone left the event excited about continuing to support young entrepreneurs and making sure the great work of the EIO project keeps making a difference. It was a day full of celebration, learning, and planning for the future, showing how teamwork and innovation can really help young people chasing their business dreams.

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