Final meeting

On February 3rd, 2024, PROJUVEN hosted the final meeting of the “Entrepreneurship is Online (EIO)” project in Spain, marking a significant milestone in this impactful initiative. The gathering was a culmination of hard work and collaboration, attended by project managers from all partner organizations involved in the project.

This crucial meeting was not only a chance to review all the project results but also an opportunity to discuss the main impacts and plan for the project’s future follow-up. The discussion covered the successful outcomes of the EIO project, including the development of educational tools, e-learning programs, and strategies to enhance digital entrepreneurship among young people and youth workers.

The event highlighted the collective achievements and the positive changes brought about by the project, emphasizing the importance of continuing the efforts in promoting digital skills and entrepreneurship education. The discussion on future follow-up actions revealed a shared commitment to sustaining and expanding the project’s reach, ensuring that the legacy of EIO continues to empower youth and youth workers in the digital era.

The final meeting in Spain was a testament to the dedication and collaborative spirit of all partners involved, setting the stage for future initiatives that build on the success of the EIO project.