Methodology Pack

The Entrepreneurship is Online (EIO) project introduces our latest resource for youth workers and educators: the EIO Methodology Pack. This guide is designed to empower youth work professionals with the skills and competencies necessary to navigate and leverage digital tools effectively, with a focus on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, online presence, and online course design.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards digital learning, making it essential for youth workers to adapt their teaching methodologies to meet the needs of today’s learners. The EIO Methodology Pack is your guide through this transition, offering insights into the crucial competencies needed for effective e-learning facilitation, including digital literacy, adaptability, communication skills, pedagogical knowledge, and business acumen.

From planning and structuring engaging e-learning courses to utilizing ICT tools for programming and visual content presentation, this pack covers everything you need to know to enhance your online learning engagement strategies and create impactful educational experiences for young entrepreneurs.

The pack not only serves as a resource for youth workers but is also a versatile tool for teachers, social workers, and anyone involved in educational initiatives, aiming to promote high-quality youth work in the digital era.

We invite educators, youth workers, and all stakeholders in the youth development sector to download the EIO Methodology Pack. It’s available in English and all partner languages, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience. Click the buttons below to access this resource.