EIO foresees four project results (PRs):

  • The EIO handbook (PR1) will provide two competences frameworks (one for youth workers and one for young people) and guidelines for efficient online strategies in order to support youth workers to promote online presence and entrepreneurship education among young people wishful to become entrepreneurs. – READY
  • An e-learning programme (PR2), which will include two e-learning courses, one targeting youth workers and one young people. Both e-learning courses will have the aim to boost key competences in target groups by providing training in entrepreneurship and online presence. The PR2 will be piloted through a training event for staff (C1) and a blended mobility for young people (C2). READY
  • The Toolkit for youth workers(PR3) will contribute through innovative training materials to develop the pedagogical and personal skills of youth workers by providing them with interactive, cooperative and problem-solving activities that enhance the entrepreneurship training they deliver, and improve the digital skills of the young people. The PR3 will be piloted through a training event for staff (C3). – AVAILABLE IN FEBRUARY 2024
  • The Methodology Pack (PR4) will help to develop skills and competencies of youth workers in the appropriate and effective use of digital tools to enrich their teaching practices especially in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, online presence and online course design. The PR4 will also help youth workers to understand how to become a better “online youth workers” in the digital marketing and online presence. – AVAILABLE IN FEBRUARY 2024