The “Entrepreneurship is Online” (EIO) project proudly presents its suite of project results (PRs), designed to empower youth workers and young people with the skills and knowledge essential for the digital age.

  • EIO Handbook (PR1): The cornerstone of our resources, the EIO Handbook, lays the foundation for effective entrepreneurship and online presence education. It introduces two competency frameworks tailored for youth workers and young entrepreneurs, alongside guidelines for efficient online strategies. This handbook is a vital tool in assisting youth workers to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship among aspiring young entrepreneurs.
  • E-Learning Programme (PR2): Our dynamic e-learning programme encompasses two courses specifically developed for distinct target groups: youth workers and young individuals. These courses aim to enhance key competencies in entrepreneurship and online presence, ensuring that participants are well-equipped for success in the digital marketplace. The effectiveness of PR2 has been ensured through rigorous pilot testing via a staff training event (C1) and a blended mobility initiative for young people (C2).
  • Toolkit for Youth Workers (PR3): PR3 is an innovative collection of training materials designed to refine the pedagogical and personal skills of youth workers. It includes interactive, cooperative, and problem-solving activities that amplify the impact of entrepreneurship training and elevate the digital capabilities of young people. This toolkit will undergo pilot testing through a dedicated staff training event (C3).
  • Methodology Pack (PR4): The Methodology Pack is crafted to advance the skills and competencies of youth workers in utilizing digital tools effectively within their teaching practices. Covering critical areas such as entrepreneurship, digital marketing, online presence, and online course design, PR4 is instrumental in transforming youth workers into proficient “online youth workers.”

Each of these outputs is a testament to the EIO project’s commitment to enhancing the digital literacy and entrepreneurial spirit of Europe’s youth and those dedicated to their development.