Second intermediate meeting

On July 25, 2023, Youth Dynamics hosted the second intermediate meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus, for the “Entrepreneurship is Online (EIO)” project. This crucial gathering brought together project partner managers to discuss the project’s progress and future plans.

The meeting focused on several essential components of the EIO project. The team talked about finalizing the Toolkit for Youth Workers, aiming to provide them with the resources needed to support young entrepreneurs effectively. They also discussed the development of the Methodology Pack, designed to enhance digital teaching strategies for youth workers.

Preparations for an upcoming staff training event in Spain this November were on the agenda, ensuring that the project team is well-prepared to deliver on the project’s goals. Additionally, plans for the final conferences in February 2024 were outlined, setting the stage for sharing the project’s outcomes and its impact on youth entrepreneurship.

This intermediate meeting in Nicosia was a vital step for the EIO project, showcasing project partners dedication to driving the project forward and enhancing digital entrepreneurship among Europe’s youth.