Toolkit for youth workers

We are thrilled to introduce the EIO Toolkit For Youth Workers (PR3), a resource designed to elevate entrepreneurial education and digital capabilities among youth workers and young people.

This toolkit embodies a wealth of knowledge and expertise. It aims to enhance youth workers’ teaching skills in entrepreneurship and digital literacy, employing innovative, non-formal education techniques for effectively conveying entrepreneurship and online strategy concepts. The EIO Toolkit is a structured guide filled with practical insights, strategies, and methods. It is adaptable to various learning environments and aims to strengthen the teaching of entrepreneurship, thereby improving young people’s online presence. By fostering entrepreneurship and enhancing online presence, the toolkit supports youth workers in guiding young entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

Within the toolkit, you’ll discover the EIO Competence Framework, outlining essential entrepreneurial skills and the significance of online presence in today’s digital world. The toolkit covers various competence areas such as Communication Skills, Social Media Management, Spotting Opportunities, and Problem Solving, among others, providing case studies, practical examples, and comprehensive discussions relevant to online entrepreneurship.

Moreover, the toolkit offers a range of non-formal education activities and tools for each competence area, promoting active learning and skill development. It also emphasizes the importance of feedback and evaluation, offering strategies to assess the program’s overall success.

We invite educators, youth workers, and all stakeholders in the youth development sector to download the EIO Toolkit For Youth Workers. It’s available in English and all partner languages, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience. Click the buttons below to access this resource.