Training event in Cyprus

As part of the “Entrepreneurship is Online” project, a training event happened in Nicosia, Cyprus from April 18 to 25, 2023. The main goal of this first training event was to test out new online courses for youth workers. The plan was to check these courses and get feedback to make them better before they start using them more widely.

The participants at the event looked closely at the online course content to make sure it would be helpful and interesting for young people. They also checked for any problems that might make the course hard to use.

Each day was packed full, with everyone taking a close look at different parts of the online course. This busy schedule was designed to help everyone learn from each other and share good ways to do things.

Before heading to Cyprus, everyone had prepared by studying the course back at their home organizations. They had also started the online course and looked at different teaching materials. This meant they were ready to get stuck in as soon as they arrived.

There were 16 people at the event, all from different partner groups. Each group sent four people who knew a lot about Erasmus+, youth work, and how to teach about starting a business. They learned in both a formal and informal way. The whole thing was well put together by Youth Dynamics.

A special part of the training was sitting down at the end of each day to talk about how things went. They looked at what they did and talked about the online courses they worked on. They also spent time thinking about what they learned each day.

At the end of the week, everyone was given a special certificate, called the Youthpass. This was a nice way to remember all the hard work they did during the training. They first saw this certificate on the first day, and it reminded them of why they were there.

Looking back, the week in Nicosia was busy but very worthwhile. Everyone learned a lot, and they’re looking forward to starting to use the new online courses. Here’s to the future of the “Entrepreneurship is Online” project!