Training event in Spain

As part of the “Entrepreneurship is Online” project, a training event was held in Spain from November 10 to 17, 2023. The primary objective of this second training event was to evaluate the newly developed Toolkit for Youth Workers (PR3). The essential purpose of this toolkit is to provide youth workers with non-formal educational tools, enhancing their ability to teach entrepreneurship effectively through an online platform to their audience.

The event’s schedule was intensive, with each day devoted to a thorough examination of various sections of the toolkit. The training attracted 16 participants from different partner organizations. Each group contributed four individuals well-versed in Erasmus+, youth work, and entrepreneurship education. The learning process encompassed both formal and informal methods, and the entire event was skillfully organized by PROJUVEN.

A distinctive feature of the training involved daily reflection sessions. At the end of each day, participants gathered to review the activities and discuss different aspects of the toolkit. These sessions also provided an opportunity for participants to ponder and share their daily learnings.

The training culminated with the distribution of the Youthpass to all participants, serving as a tangible acknowledgment of their dedication and hard work throughout the training event.